Peso Pluma at T-Mobile Center

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T-Mobile Center | Kansas City, Missouri

Experience the exciting rhythms and entertaining songs of Latin music at its finest with Peso Pluma's one-night-only concert at the famous T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri. On Monday, 5th August 2024, let the pulsating beats and the sultry tunes of hits like "Bailar Contigo" and "Noche de Estrellas" transport you to an evening of extraordinary musical ecstasy.

With acclaimed laurels that have etched Peso Pluma's name in the hearts of Latin music aficionados throughout America, this event promises to be more than just a concert – it's a celebration of culture, passion, and the artist’s journey to the pinnacle of the music industry. Each performance is a proof of the prowess that earned them the prestigious international music awards, solidifying their status as icons of their genre.

Tickets start at the accessible price of just $68, making this event an undeniable opportunity to bask in the glory of Peso Pluma's auditory artistry. Snap up your tickets swiftly, for seats are selling as quickly as their rhythms capture hearts.

Dive into an evening where music exceeds language and borders - secure your passage to this scintillating rendezvous now! Click 'buy tickets' and be part of a musical odyssey with Peso Pluma.

Prepare yourself for an enchanting evening of lively rhythms and appealing tunes as the prodigious Peso Pluma brings his enthralling tour to the esteemed T-Mobile Center. Mesmerize your senses on Monday, 5th August 2024, in Kansas City, Missouri. As the sun sets, the cultural heartbeat of the city will pulse through the venue, enveloping attendees in a spectacular mix of sound that promises an exceptional experience.

Peso Pluma

Peso Pluma, the well known king of corridos tumbados, with his rich blend of traditional Mexican music and urban elements, has taken the world by storm. As YouTube's most-viewed artist of 2023, he continues to soar, transcending boundaries with his recent hits like "Bellakeo" and the chart-topping album 'Éxodo'. Peso Pluma's storied career is dotted with achievements, evident in his manager's praises, George Prajin, for his unyielding dedication, which fans will witness in full force during the performance. guests can expect to be dazzled by his genre-bending style, which has secured his position as Mexico's breakthrough music star.

T-Mobile Center Information

The T-Mobile Center stands as a proof of Kansas City's rich cultural mix, offering a state-of-the-art venue with a seating capacity of 18,500. Known for hosting an array of events with superb acoustics and amenities, it continues a legacy of extraordinary concerts. Its convenient location, surrounded by vital highways, ensures accessibility is as smooth as Peso Pluma's rhythms. fans with inquiries about the venue's extensive list of comforts or special needs can directly contact the T-Mobile Center for assistance.

Ticket Information

Fans of the sensational Peso Pluma—a maestro of melody and heart—should waste no time in securing their passage to this can't-miss event. Tickets are available starting at $68 and can be purchased through the dependable marketplace Ticket Squeeze. With just a click on the "buy tickets" button, you'll be one step closer to an evening pulsating with the raw stage presense and impassioned performance from Peso Pluma himself. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of a concert that promises to be one for the history books.

Peso Pluma at T-Mobile Center

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