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T-Mobile Center | Kansas City, Missouri

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It’s time to wake-up for the biggest day of rodeo action this fall when T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri welcomes Pbr Teams to town on Friday 6th September 2024! This spectacular event brings the best rodeo stars to town for an all-ages event that you won’t want to miss. Watch as these incredible cowpokes take over T-Mobile Center with a whole host of incredible events, spectacles, and demonstrations. You and thousands of fans will get to see everything from horse riding to cattle rustling and best lasso tricks on this side of the country. Let’s not forget that Pbr Teams will also feature some of the freshest snacks and the coldest beverages just for you. This may be the most complete show of 2024, and you’re invited! It’s the Friday show that you’ll never forget. Don’t wait! Click the button below, so you can order your tickets to Pbr Teams live at T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday 6th September 2024!

Gritty Showdown at Outlaw Days: A PBR Spectacle Not to be Missed

Prepare to be enclosed in an thrilling atmosphere where the roar of the crowd meets the heart-stopping suspense of bull riding at its absolute peak. The T-Mobile Center in Kansas City will become a thunderous arena on Friday, 6th September 2024, where fans and newcomers to the sport can witness firsthand the explosive energy of PBR Teams: Outlaw Days. The air is thick with anticipation as the scent of concession stands mingles with the sounds of energetic country music and the physical excitement of the audience.

PBR - Professional Bull Riders:

The PBR professionals are set to deliver a breathtaking display of courage and skill. This year, the circuit has been ablaze with talk of Florida Freedom's Caden Bunch's awe-inspiring victory in Milwaukee, rocketing him to No. 7 in the standings. With the PBR Team Series' recent expansion and the Texas Rattlers reigning as the 2023 champions, each moment in the arena is guaranteed to be a display of excellence as teams vie for glory.

PBR Team Series:

The PBR Team Series is revolutionary in bull riding, pitting the world's leading riders against each other in adrenaline-charged five-on-five games. The introduction of new teams from New York City and Oklahoma City, along with athletes akin to the legendary Mauney, promise that this competition will showcase incredible talent and relentless determination, sealing its reputation in the halls of the sport.

T-Mobile Center Information:

Situated in the heart of Kansas City, the T-Mobile Center stands as a confirmation of premier sports events. With its rich legacy in hosting spectacular competitions, every seat promises a view filled with non-stop action. For those seeking more information, the venue's detailed listings page offers all the necessary insights to plan a perfect visit.

Ticket Information:

Tickets for this pinnacle event start at just $66. Secure your spot by visiting Ticket Squeeze via the 'buy tickets' button for a safe and hassle-free experience. With prices this competitive, fans are encouraged to act fast to witness the thrilling sportsmanship and relentless action of PBR Teams: Outlaw Days.

PBR Teams at T-Mobile Center

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