Nate Bargatze at T-Mobile Center

Nate Bargatze Tickets

T-Mobile Center | Kansas City, Missouri

Nate Bargatze

Comedians are actually extremely observant. They take pieces of their lives and culture to weave humorous stories, but if you look past the expletives and the gimmicks there’s actually a lot of smart social commentary happening. Comedians give you a fresh perspective on a lot of societal issues and frequently force you to think about the way you treat others. A lot can really be learned from what we laugh about. So come and have a laugh, and maybe you’ll be able to take a thing or two from the show!

It's time for some unbelievable comedy entertainment at the T-Mobile Center as Nate Bargatze brings their hilarious state wide tour to the stage on Saturday 10th February 2024! Make your Saturday 100 times better as this favorite comic gets you collapsing in your seat with their killer humour – you'll be laughing so hysterically the whole of Kansas City will hear you! Maybe even Missouri! Nate Bargatze is known to sell out wherever they go and tickets will be flying out, so make sure you do not delay. T-Mobile Center has hosted numerous comedic legends before and tonight will be one of its greatest. It's gonna be the funnest event of February!

Nate Bargatze at T-Mobile Center

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